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26 Maret 2008


Gambar key board

Gambar posisi jari

Posisi Jari

Tombol awal / Kunci Utama :

Untuk memulai mengetik, kita letakkan jari-jari kita pada tombol-tombol berikut ini :

Posisi yang baik :
1. Jari berada diatas kunci utama dengan sedikit ditekuk
2. Pergelangan berada dalam posisi rendah tetapi tidak menyentuh rangka keyboard
3. Lengan tangan sejajar bertumpu didepan keyboard
4. Badan tegak; bersandar pada kursi
5. Kaki di lantai untuk keseimbangan

Latihan :
1. asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl; asdfjkl;
2. qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop qweruiop
3. zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./ zxcvm,./
4. The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog (50 X)

14 Februari 2008

Belief in your self, means believe in God

Faith is very important for us to have, although there are some who do not think its very significant in life.

This is a story about mountaineers who had made up a decision based on his heart. It is a story about a man who didn’t afraid to have his own decisions, a man who never fear to stand alone, a man who belief in himself. It turns out to be a decision to live.

His name is Peter Hillary, he was the son of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man who climbed Earth’s higest peak, the Everest. Peter Hillary has followed in the footsteps of his father to become an accomplished mountain climber. He have climbed Everest, twice.The story is about the summit pyramid of K2. He was among a party of eight climbers heading for the summit, and he had just 400 meters left to climb. Suddenly, he noticed a curls of ominous cloud begin to sweep in and curve over the summit. As the weather worsened, he began to concerned.

Then he stop, he felt that something didn’t feel right. At that moment he clearly heard voices in his heart: “Down. Go down. Stick to your guns, Peter.” telling him that he should not continue his journey.

From above, he heard a woman’s voice, “Come on up. Use the red rope.”

She was a fellow climber encouraging him to join her.Again voices come from his heart, “Not for you, Peter”.

The unsettled feeling grew stronger.

But then Peter decide to trust his heart, the son of the first man who climbed Everest have decided to leave his fellow climbers to go down and not continuing his journey. He told his climbing partner that he was going down. His partner too was feeling unsure about the condition, but decided to go on a head.As he headed down, he looked back at his friends a couple of times, until a thick, menacing cloud blocked the view. Soon, the same fast-moving cloud would engulf the summit and plunge him into an isolated world of terror.

Had he left his decision too late?Voices come again from his heart “ Don’t be afraid to make your own decisions. Don’t be afraid to stand alone”.

Alone in body, but not in spirit, he move downwards. With fear tapping on his shoulders, He was caught in the maelstrom of the rising storm.

The situation was out of control.He seized on what he could control: a well clipped descender and a taut rope. For hours he abseiled down rope after plunging rope towards the ice ledge. When he woke in his tent the next morning, it was silent, sunny, still. He alone had successfully descended from the summit pyramid of K2 that night.

The seven above had died.This is an example of the importance of believe in your self.

No matter what other might think. Believe in your self, means believe in God.

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